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Junk Removal

Stern Moving is an expert at reliable and stress-free junk removal services, helping you regain your living space. Whether it is clearing out clutter at home, revamping an office space, or organizing for a move, our professional junk removal team is at your service to give you mental clarity allowing you to concentrate on what is more important.

Our Services

Residential Junk Removal

From old household items and appliances to electronics and yard waste we'll collect junk in your house, basement, attic, garage, or even your yard and organize everything for you.

Construction Debris Removal

After a construction project the only thing you will not need to see is a pile of trash in a messy fashion. Our removal crew will be able to remove all the construction waste such as wood, drywall, concrete, and so on. They will ensure that your job site is organized and ready to move to the next stage.

Commercial Junk Removal

Whether you are assembling the property in a retail space, cleaning the office building, or supervising the estate cleanup, our affordable junk removal services are crafted to meet the exact needs of business houses and property managers.

Appliance and Electronics Recycling

Do not pile your house with old stuff and appliances, or do not let those end up in a landfill. We will see to it that no matter how outdated your gadgets, TVs, computers, and e-waste are, they will be recycled or disposed of after following all the necessary regulations.

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Why Choose Us?



Our company’s junk removal staff is motivated by giving our clients excellent service with a smile and being courteous every step of the way so that they are completely satisfied throughout the process of cleaning up the area.



We take care of all junk removal and hauling, and therefore you don't need just a single finger. All you need to do is to point out those things you want to be removed, and we will handle the rest.



We provide competitive pricing and clear upfront quotes with no additional hidden fees involved, so you can easily select us as your first choice for affordable junk removal.


Environmentally Conscious

We have ecologically favorable disposal options, recycling and donating items if they are suitable to ensure minimum waste and subsequently the reduction of our carbon footprint.


1. What types of items do you remove?

We take out a variety of items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, construction waste, and so on. In case you need to ask any questions about the items we are unable to remove, do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Your junk removal service is available on the same day?

If our availability and schedule permit, we are able to guarantee a same-day junk removal service for your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us as early as possible so we may present the details of our services and schedule accordingly.

3. What does the junk removal service cost?The price will be calculated based on how many items need to be taken out and in which categories. Moreover, the price will depend on the location as well as the services you can opt for. We are fully transparent in everything we do and will give you a personalized price according to your needs.

4. What should I know about scheduling my junk removal appointment?

Junk removal appointments are very easy to set up. Call or email us directly, and our helpful staff will be glad to set a comfortable schedule for you.

STERN Moving helped us to move with out any hassle. They are very friendly, on time , a nice deal, take care of each and every items like their own. They are very professional. I really recommend STERN Moving for a safe moving!

Hana Kebede

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