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Long Distance Moving

Are you scheduled for a long distance move and find it difficult to deal with the process? Look no further! The long distance moving services from our specialists are right here to make your apartment move convenient and stress free.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

First of all, we will get all the information we need about your move and any other preferences during a comprehensive initial consultation. Through this, we will be able to design a moving plan of your choice that covers all particularities within your case.


We move your stuff by using our powerfully-made trucks, and not just any, but those that are equipped with innovative and modern technology to take care of your deliveries to the right destination as efficiently and safely as possible.

Final Inspection

Finally we do a checkout to make sure that all your provision is in excellent state and you are satisfied at all times. Your happiness represents what we are all striving for.


Handling with care and the correct packing supplies will be the way of packaging your belongings when professional packers pack them using quality packing materials to make sure they remain safe for transport.

Unloading and Setup

When we finally get to the new home, we will help you unload and we can do more than just that ( help you with unpacking and setting up the furniture). If you ask us to do that we can make sure you feel at home as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

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We have been in the moving business for many years and have established a reputation for reliability. We promise to treat your belongings well and to make sure they arrive on time and safely.



Our skilled group of professionals guarantees quality service from the beginning to the end. We are aware of the significance of a seamless transition and we commit ourselves to surpassing your expectations.


Transparent Pricing

Enjoy the process without hidden fees and surprises. We stand for transparent pricing therefore you'll be aware how much it's going to cost you already from the start. No additional costs and no headaches.


1. What will be encompassed by a long distance move?

The relocation process usually involves moving to another state or covering a distance of more than 100 miles. It usually entails more planning and coordination than a local move.

2. For how many days before my long distance move should I book it?

It is recommended to book your long-distance move as early as possible, preferably several weeks to a few months in advance. This allows for sufficient time to plan, schedule, and liaise with your moving company so that they can be available.

3. How do you estimate the cost of a long distance move?

The long distance move cost is made up of factors such as distance traveled, size and weight of your items, additional fees, and the season of the year. We are proud to offer transparent pricing and will provide you with a detailed estimate for your project individually.

4. What if I need to change my moving date or destination?

We strive to accommodate changes whenever possible. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your move or adjust your destination, and we'll work with you to make the necessary arrangements.

STERN Moving helped us to move with out any hassle. They are very friendly, on time , a nice deal, take care of each and every items like their own. They are very professional. I really recommend STERN Moving for a safe moving!

Hana Kebede

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