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How to Choose the Right Moving Company in York

Updated: Jul 1

Moving can be an exciting and challenging experience, particularly when it comes to choosing a reliable moving company to trust with your valuable items. Whether you're moving across town or the country, finding a reputable moving service company in York is crucial to ensure a smoother transition. With many options available, there are a handful of reputable moving company services to select from.

The factors for choosing the best moving company are complex, ranging from ensuring the security of your priceless belongings to staying within your financial constraints. Dependability, professionalism, and openness are essential when choosing the best moving company for your needs. Furthermore, due to the rise of the digital era, testimonials and online reviews impede the decision-making process and confuse potential clients.

This article will explore the simple steps to choosing a moving company in York that best fits your needs.

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Moving Company in York

1. Start with Research

Conducting a comprehensive search is essential when choosing a moving company in York. Start by creating a list of potential moving companies using online reviews, recommendations from family and friends, and local business directories. Check each company's credentials, including insurance and licensing, to ensure they meet industry standards.

You can also evaluate their reputation by reading customer reviews and checking their ratings on reputable platforms. Additionally, you can contact the companies directly to inquire about their services, experience, and any guarantees they offer. By conducting thorough research, you can make an informed decision and select a moving company that best suits your needs and budget.

2. Get Referrals from Family and Friends

It is advisable to seek recommendations from friends and family members who may know a good moving company in your area, like York, PA. Ask questions to people who have had a good experience with any local moving company. Word-of-mouth recommendations are also a great source of information the buyer will not receive from other sources, such as online reviews.

Your friends and family members can share their stories about the particular moving company – the level of professionalism that was demonstrated, how their belongings were treated, and if there were any additional costs incurred. These personal accounts should make you feel more comfortable with your choice and save time when deciding between several options. Furthermore, there is always a good feeling when you hear word of mouth from a trusted person who used the company’s services and had a successful move.

3. Check Online Reviews And Ratings

Reading through online reviews and ratings is vital in determining the right moving services in York, PA to hire. For example, Google or Yelp, are some options available online. Search for companies with good ratings, and always select positive and negative feedback to have a diverse view.

Listen to the reviews regarding the movers' time management, handling of personal assets, and courtesy. A company with many complaints or outstanding problems could indicate a problem. Those who have gone through the same process can provide many details that can help you make the right decision while facilitating a smooth moving process.

4. Verify Licensing and Insurance

When searching for a moving services company in York, you should ensure the company you are hiring has a license and insurance to help identify your belongings’ safety. Licensed movers can be trusted because they have undergone specific rigorous tests set by regulatory bodies. Moreover, insurance will safeguard you from any injuries or accidents when moving.

Ask the moving company for license and insurance details and contact the licensing bureau again, if necessary. Selecting a licensed and insured moving company protects your items and reduces all the risks involved in the moving process, ensuring that the move is as easy and efficient as possible.

5. Get Multiple Quotes

The best way to select the right moving company is to request multiple quotes. It is advisable to make several inquiries to different companies to get estimates for the movement and understand all the costs. Do not forget to give each company you contact the necessary information about your moving, including the size of your home, distance, and any other additional information. It will guide you toward getting the right quotes that are unique to your circumstances.

After collecting several quotes, it is suggested that you read through them to choose the most suitable one based on price, services, and possible extra charges. This way, you can compare your options and select the moving company that will offer the most competitive rates and meet your relocation needs.

6. Evaluate Customer Service

Customer service is another consideration while searching for the right moving company in your city. That is why it is essential to focus on the level of activity and availability of the company when reaching out to them. This can be evidenced by a friendly, qualified attendant who listens and responds politely to concerns. Consider how the company interacts at each level of the process, from scheduling the move to sharing updates on the process.

Since communication is an essential factor in the moving process, it must be effective and truthful. See how they handle any issues or changes that occur and if they appreciate being able to answer the concerns politely and properly. When evaluating customer service, one will guarantee that you will be attended to throughout the process to ensure that your move to York is as seamless as possible.

7. Pay Attention to Red Flags and Scams

To choose the right moving services company in York, it is necessary to watch the signals and avoid scams. Do not deal with companies that offer very cheap services or request payment before the work begins. Professional moving companies commonly offer simple rates and should not charge you until they have delivered your items. In addition, work only with companies that have valid permits and insurance or those that have some reviews or complaints.

Trust your instincts and avoid any company that does not appear legitimate or professional. Spend enough time researching, be bold, ask questions, and feel free to seek advice from a professional. Staying alert and conscious of potential hazards will help you avoid these issues and ensure a smooth moving process in York.

8. Verify the Physical Address

Ensuring that the moving company has a physical address in York is also vital. A reputable business has a physical address that customers can visit or check online. It is essential to verify the address provided by the company and make sure it's exact and corresponds to the address listed on the company's website and other sources online.

In this way, you can also avoid unreliable moving firms that don't have a physical location. Moreover, providing a physical address to clients reassures them that the company is authentic and committed to long-term success. You may now proceed with your relocation arrangements without worrying about the organization's legitimacy because this demonstrates the genuine nature of the company relocating you.


Selecting the best moving company in York ensures your transition goes smoothly. By following the simple steps, which include gathering information, looking up internet reviews, confirming insurance and licensing, and getting several quotations, you can easily transition to a new home. In addition to paying attention to professionalism and honesty, follow your gut.

Trust in Stern Moving, York's premier moving company, to facilitate a seamless transition to your new destination. Take your time to review our services and discover why we are the top choice for hassle-free movies.


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