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Professional Safe Movers

Professional Safe Movers, at Stern Moving we are committed to safe, professional, and efficient moving services at affordable prices. From local home safe relocation to relocating large commercial vaults and more, our team of expert movers is ready to make the move easy and safe for you.

Our Safe Moving Process

Consultation and Assessment

The first step that we take is to meet the client and assess the nature of their business and needs. We will always measure our client’s safety in terms of size, weight, and position so as to come up with the best moving plan that will suit the client.

Safe Removal and Transportation

With the help of our equipment, we professionally disassemble the safe, then we carry it to the required area. The team does all the activities cautiously and with extreme care to make sure the safe is delivered safely and without any damages.

Preparation and Protection

When we are transferring your safe to another location, we ensure that we take all measures that can prevent loss of any items stored in the safe. This entails putting up barriers to secure the safety of an area, covering floor and walls and creating a safe route for transportation.

Installation and Setup

When we arrive at the intended location, we install your safe at the preferred location. It is important that your safe is well installed and fixed in its proper place and our team will guarantee the best service.

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Why Choose Us?


Expertise and Experience

We are more than capable of handling any safe moving services for you, no matter the size or type of the safe. Our employees were given the best training and they utilize the best equipment to guarantee that your assets are safeguarded.


Security and Confidentiality

We appreciate that everyone values their safety and the safety of their valuables by securing it in a safe. Everyone at our team is dedicated to ensuring we uphold the best of confidentiality and professionalism. Your belongings are stored securely and we ensure that your privacy is well protected.


Specialized Equipment

Transferring of the safe needs the use of equipment and techniques that are specific to it. To move your safe, we utilize custom built dollies, hydraulic lifts and protective pads and do it with a lot of consideration. To reduce motion and ensure your safety, our vehicles are fitted with air-ride suspension, where applicable.


Comprehensive Services

Our products range from personal and home safes to bank vaults and everything in between. Some of the services we offer include safe removal, transportation, delivery and installation of safe. We can also offer its disposal or recycle when it’s necessary depending on the situation.

STERN Moving helped us to move with out any hassle. They are very friendly, on time , a nice deal, take care of each and every items like their own. They are very professional. I really recommend STERN Moving for a safe moving!

Hana Kebede

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